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Software Development
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Software Development
Am WebApp provides software solution like billing software, pos billing software, hotel management software, retail management software services & more. We use dot net framework (c# language) to develop of our softwares. These software are very useful for our daily life work space. Nowadays, no one wants to execute their work in a complex way, everyone wants it to be more productive and less complex and less time consuming. These softwares helps you to turn your work from hard to smart.
Our Retail Software
We provide well featured retail management solution designed according to customer satisfaction to grow their retail buisness. Our Retail Software can be used in various businesses like Apparels and Footwear, Department Stores, Supermarkets, Fruits and Vegetables, Furniture and Home Decor, Luggage Stores, Electronics and Mobiles, Specialty Stores.
Our Software Features
Multi Billing Type Interface
Easy, intuitive data entry interface for time, expenses, billing, payments, writeoffs, and trust and retainer processing. Unsurpassed flexibility allows split and multi billing.
Easy Access Management
Be the Lord of the things, with a platform that helps you easily create innovative services, easy to install and use.
E-commerce Integration
Works seamlessly with hundred of apps that hepls steamline your operation, marketing and increase sales.
Low Costing Customization
The ability to provide variety and individual customization. goods and services. Mass customization mainly is about providing custom products at low cost.
Easy Business Decision Making
Consider these techniques and tools when choosing the next step for your company. Managing decision making in business clearly determines the likely success of the company.
Quick Help & Learning Module
Represents an easy ,fast and accurate way of increasing the benefit.
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